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Welcome to Sales Fundamentals

Whether you work in the profession of selling or run your own small business, one of the most important skills you can learn is how to sell your products or services.

This sales training course will teach you the key skills and techniques needed to find and engage real prospects and smoothly take them to dotted line, without the common delays and excuses you are used to.

If your job involves prospecting for new clients, then the value of taking this course is priceless. You are about to learn some of the skills, tactics and techniques it took me 15 years to learn, in just a few hours.

The course consists of 5 core modules and over 100 individual lessons and exercises, covering the entire sales process.

Access to modules 1 and 2 is completely free to all members. If you like what you see then you can upgrade to the premium lounge membership plan, giving you access to the entire course.

Module 1: Sales Basics
Module 2: Sales Prospecting
Module 3: Qualifying Prospects
Module 4: Presentation Skills
Module 5: Closing & Negotiating

Click on any of the modules for a detailed overview of all of the available lessons.


David Craig White



Join over 1000 sales professionals enjoying my sales fundamentals sales training course. Over 3 hours and 30 lessons of quality content absolutely free.