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Online B2B Sales Training Course

Are you looking for an online b2b sales training course that will motivate your sales people, and teach them the effective selling skills they need to start exceeding target?

Introducing the sales fundamentals sales training course

Sales Fundamentals is a comprehensive online b2b sales training course designed to help business to business sales people develop the essential selling skills needed in order to boost their sales results, and become accomplished sales professionals.

Selling in today’s business to business climate requires that your sales people are highly skilled and need to know how to effectively:

  • Identify and reach key decision makers
  • Engage prospects into engaging dialogues
  • Create stronger sales opportunities
  • Find and overcome common prospect objections
  • Close sales using proven closing techniques
  • Set personal goals in order to stay motivated

Sales Fundamentals is the the most comprehensive online B2B sales training course available that will teach your sales people powerful sales skills and techniques they can take away and start applying the very same day.

The course is delivered over 8 weeks by leading International B2B sales trainer David Craig White via interactive online training sessions lasting 60 minutes, including a questions and answers session.

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And get your hands on the following sales training lessons absolutely free:

  • How to Warm Up Your Cold Calls
  • 7 Ways to Get Past the Gatekeeper
  • How to Build Rapport
  • How to Spot Buying Signals
  • How to Handle Stubborn Prospects